Dear CCNCR Friends,

We are urging each and every one to contact the United States Sentencing Commission requests for public comment on child pornography offenses. Deadline is July 27, 2015.

The importance of QUANTITY is essential to influence the USSC to place our issue as a priority. Please get family, friends and anyone who is interested to send a letter or email ASAP.


Letters should include a brief personal story about a son, father, brother, friend or neighbor. Explain how their life has been impacted by lengthy sentences, labeling and stringent supervised release and/or registration requirements. Keep your response to no more than ONE page.

You may wish to address one or two talking points:

> USSC's report from 2012 showed there should be a different way to address non production CP offenders
> Enhancements for use of a computer should no longer be valid
> The Butner Study is an outlier. The Butner Study is NOT a Recidivism study and continues to impact sentences. Other studies have not duplicated the findings
> Research shows this population does well in the community with an extremely low recidivism rate of less than 5%
> Lack of empirical research to support sentencing and supervised release guidelines

It is to be addressed to:

United States Sentencing Commission

One Columbus Circle
NE Suite 2-500, South Lobby
Washington, DC 20002-8002
ATTENTION: Public Affairs Priorities Comment


Email address is:




The 2015 Annual National Seminar on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines will be presented by the United States Sentencing Commission September 16-18th in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sessions on child pornography and sex offenses will be presented.

The 34th Annual Research and Treatment Conference by ATSA will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 14-17th. "Quality Research is the foundation of effective assessment, treatment, management, policy and prevention strategies. ATSA supports the development of new knowledge and the translation of existing research into evidence-based practices."

These are valuable opportunities for CAUTIONclick National Campaign for Reform to promote public safety and smarter legislation which relies on evidence based practice and study rather than misinformation and myths.

Dr. Kline, Forensic Psychologist, possesses the training and experience to ensure effective exposure, partnerships, and alliances to bring our issues to the forefront to impact change at the national level. We are grateful to have this opportunity to have Dr. Kline represent CCNCR at the USSC seminar and have Gail Colletta, President/CEO of CCNCR to attend the ATSA conference.

This is a critical moment for CCNCR. We cannot do this alone. Undertaking these challenges can be costly BUT necessary to get our voices heard. We are asking for your donations to make this happen. We are estimating a cost of $7000 for the USSC seminar and $2500 for Gail to attend the ATSA conference. Both events will promote networking and provide opportunities to share empirical research which can help shape our laws. We want all sex offender legislation to be based on FACTS.

Please give what you can.

United in reform,

Gail Colletta Rita Finley David Valentine
President, CEO Secretary Treasurer

Are you running for president? Please answer these questions about the criminal justice system. -The Washington Post 
Update: 4/9/15
With the presidential race soon to be here it is important to know how each candidate will address the issues that concern us. Please take the opportunity to comment on this post with voices that forward our cause. Let us be heard!

Update: 3/25/15
After shooting our first frames of footage over 5 years ago, we are happy to announce that things are taking shape on AN UNSPOKEN LAW. This feature length documentary focuses specifically on child pornography possession laws. For the past two years, we have been working closely with Gail Colletta, CCNRC and FAC and others to document stories of those convicted and the families that are advocating for smart legislative change to the sentencing guidelines on the Federal and State levels.
We have filmed over 200 hours of footage at this point, and have just begun working with our editor, Angelo Corrao A.C.E., who has edited two Oscar nominated documentaries! The film will take shape over the next year or so as we focus on post-production and our last couple of shoots. We have been applying for grants to help us through the very expensive post-production process, and hope to hear some good news on those in the next few months.
The great news that we do have to report is that AN UNSPOKEN LAW has been selected to participate in the American Documentary Film Festival's Film Fund pitch event in Palm Springs, CA. The AmDocs Film Fund selects a handful of work-in-progress documentaries from around the world to come and "pitch" their films to a panel of industry experts, broadcasters, film distributors and financiers with finishing funds on the line. Nick just landed in California, and is prepping for the pitch on the morning of March 26th. Regardless of whether or not the film wins, this is an extremely important opportunity for us to get the project in front of the documentary world and start to make inroads for finding it a broadcast/distribution home. We'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Also, our facebook page for the film ( is now live. The same goes for our Twitter feed ( Please be sure to Like and Follow us! We want these spaces not only to provide updates on the films, but also become a forum for conversation and education.