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CAUTION CLICK National Campaign for Reform (CCNCR)



CCNCR is dedicated to restoring safety to our communities and rights to registrants by abolishing the registry. We are part of a national movement to end the registry based on 20 years of empirical research, government statistics and peer reviewed studies. Lawmakers continue to spend millions of dollars on a failed system that does not increase safety and can in fact cause more harm. It is time to rethink a policy that continues to put roadblocks in the way of those who have paid their debt to society and causes harm to families and their children. It is time for public discussion to ask “why we need a registry that is costly and ineffective?” The registry is a failed policy and needs to be abolished.


Does not condone any sexual offense crimes.
Provides support, resources and information based on our experiences, to those at all stages of the criminal legal system. We recognize the diverse needs of all who contact us or view our website in search of help as they navigate the world of sentencing, incarceration and forced registration.
Continues to educate the public of the dangers of clicking on illegal images, texting minors or adults that could be considered harassment and most importantly, sexting. These behaviors could result in felony charges at both the state and federal level and a lifetime consequence of being on the registry.
Opposes draconian sentencing, particularly for internet crimes that are fueled by mandatory minimum sentencing

CCNCR stands together with human rights advocates to restore the rights of all registrants. It is time to restore safety where scientific evidence must be a factor. It is time to rethink justice.